Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rajini doesn't dance with Lungi!!

It is very disappointing to see that there's so much mockery being made of Tamilians and other people from South India in Hindi Cinema aka Bollywood.

Of Course you can ask the question, why am I concerned of something that's happening in the movies?. Well, I am concerned because when you purposefully stereotype a sect of people with things they don't even do, you do get furious. If Slumdog Millionaire was just a movie why did the media and other Mumbaikars cry about the movie showing the bad side of Mumbai. Even till this date when someone asks me about India they mention "Slumdog Millionaire", (even though it shows what actually happened in Mumbai). The same can be said for Jodha Akbar opposed by the Rajputs in Madhya Pradesh etc. So definitely what they show in movies can be accepted only to an extent as long as its fair and doesn't stereotype someone.

I found some of the following things that have been continuously projected in Hindi cinema or Bollywood to be very racist towards Tamilians and people in the south...
  • Many movies recently especially Hindi movies make Tamil speaking people in their movie talk with a very "Fake/Unreal Tamil Accent" . We people speak our language very well and we don't mix Hindi with our Tamil. We were born in Tamil Nadu and we speak our language more fluently... If you still can't make out what I am saying check this out..

    And I haven't seen any Hindi speaking characters in Tamil movies speak fake Hindi. If you find anything please let me know...
  • Sharukh Khan insulted Tamilians in too many ways in his movie RaOne. One instance was him eating Spaghetti with curd and sending a message that Tamilians eat curd with everything.. This again gives a perception to the rest of the country that we eat nothing but curd rice. Most of our dishes were derivatives of rice because the southern part of India was able to grow rice but not wheat and the northern part of India was able to grow only wheat. This was the driving factor behind most of the south Indian dishes being rice based. ON TOP OF IT, WHATS WRONG IN EATING IDLI AND SAMBAR?   
  • Next comes the talking English with all words ending with U... DONTU, HARDU, BREAKU... I very firmly believe people in Tamil Nadu know better English than in the other Northern states which enforced Hindi only in their curriculum. Even an auto driver in Tamil Nadu, Kerala can speak English to an extent and are surviving. Wonder how many people can even speak English up there.  And one more thing to all Bollywood film makers WE DONT SAY ENNA RASACALAAA!!!!  During my life in Chennai I've never come across anyone say ENNA RASCALA other than some Hindi actors in movies and some people who wanted to make fun of Tamilians...

  • Last in my list but not the end of it, When did Sharukh Khan see Rajinikanth dancing in LUNGI? FYI i am not a Rajinikanth fan or anything and trying to defend him. Lungi is worn in the southern states where the temperature and humidity are pretty high and is clad so that it can aid in ventilation. Not everyone in the south clad a lungi. In his recent movie SRK has added a song titled LUNGI DANCE and has dedicated it to Rajini. I can't recall even a single movie of Rajini where he dances in a Lungi. WHAT KIND OF TRIBUTE IS THAT? WHAT WAS SRK EVEN THINKING???? If you want to promote your movies please pick a different strategy or medium and I would greatly appreciate it.

  • UPDATED - Do you folks even know the difference between a Lungi and Dhothi/Veshti ??

    A lungi is an informal wear whereas a Veshti is a formal piece of clothing usually worn during formal events. As you see in the picture below Honey Singh has a Lungi on whereas Sharukh Khan has clad a Veshti. What Amitab and the others whom you don't know are wearing a veshti to formally promote something. 
  • Please do not present the world an INACCURATE Picture of TamilNadu and the Tamil speaking people.